Buy authentic Barcodes for UK and Global use

✓ No Annual Fees or subscriptions
✓ Authentic Barcode Numbers
originating with the UCC (now GS1)
✓ Instant Delivery of Barcode Packages
✓ Ready for immediate use on your products
✓ UK and Global retailer compatibility
✓ Suitable for online and physical stores
✓ High Resolution Graphics Files included
✓ Certificate of Issuance
✓ Lowest Prices on the UK Market


Why Buy Barcodes with Barcode Bird?

Barcode Bird offers UK businesses a reliable, cost effective solution for obtaining genuine product barcodes for the UK retail market. We take great pride in supplying internationally recognised EAN and UPC barcode numbers without incurring the prohibitive expenses, yearly licensing fees and frustrations that come with signing up directly to GS1 UK.

In terms of price and speed of delivery, Barcode Bird beats all other barcode suppliers in the UK hands down. Our barcodes start at £6.99 for a single code, unlike our competitors who charge anywhere from £26 to £119 for the same. We also provide instant downloads of our barcode packages upon finalising the secure and simple checkout process, so you will be able to begin using your codes within minutes of making a purchase with us.

All our standard barcode packages are supplied with both EAN 13 and subset UPC A symbologies in three high resolution image formats (EPS, JPEG and TIFF). Our EAN 13 and UPC images are generated to exact GS1 UK size standards ready for inclusion on your product packaging artwork or to be printed on adhesive labels. We also provide a spread sheet containing your barcodes list, the standard OCRB font and a Certificate of Authenticity that ensures the numbers issued to you are globally unique and yours for life.

Need a bulk order, barcode resizing or a totally different format?

We provide barcode resizing services, bulk orders, customised captioning of barcode images, ITF 14 and SCC codes, QR codes and much more. If your barcode requirement is unique, chances are we can help you.  Contact us to find out more.

Already have numbers from GS1 UK but need the images?

We provide image generation services at an affordable rate. If you hold GS1 keys or an ISBN we can generate the digital images to the highest standards for a significantly lower cost than GS1s UK partners.

New to barcodes and want to learn more? Read our frequently asked questions page to learn about barcoding for your products.

Download your barcodes immediatley via zip folder. See our sample package to see what’s included.

Get super high resolution 2540 DPI barcode images in EPS generated to exact GS1 specifications and standards.

Easily import your barcode numbers into inventory software such as Excel and Numbers and begin assigning your products.