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2 Barcodes (£6.49 each)
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10 Barcodes (£4.99 each)
25 Barcodes (£3.19 each)
50 Barcodes (£1.99 each)
100 Barcodes (£1.34 each)
200 Barcodes (£0.99 each)
500 Barcodes (£0.49 each)
1000 Barcodes (£0.37 each)

Purchase your barcode package here using our secure and simplified checkout system. Barcode Bird’s barcodes are internationally compliant in both EAN-13 & UPC-A formats and are delivered in multiple image formats (JPG, TIFF and EPS) for optimum printing results.

Available payment methods include Stripe & Paypal and its supported Credit Cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discover. All prices are listed in Pounds Sterling.

Each standard package includes

– Both EAN-13 (UK, Europe & International) and UPC-A (USA & Canada) formats.  Either format is compatible worldwide.
– Globally unique barcode numbers unassigned to any products prior.
– High resolution barcode images (EPS, JPEG and TIFF at 2540, 600 and 300 DPI resolution) at 100% Magnification set to the standard GS1 barcode size: 37.29 x 25.91mm(100% Magnification).
– Industry standard OCRB human readable font (embeds in the EPS barcode image version).
– Barcodes numbers list for easy use with Excel, Notepad (PC) or Numbers (Mac).
– Certificate of GTIN Issuance.
– Instant delivery of barcode packages. All standard orders listed on this page are automatically processed.
– No annual subscription charges. All barcodes supplied are of UCC/GS1 origin and not subject to annual license fees.

* Barcode Packages of 10, 100 and 1000 include a unique company prefix.